*Sacred Dance Embodiment


Anva invites you to a space of movement. A place that allows and invites intimacy and listening. It is a ceremonial space that is wrapped in love. You will dive together as much as you choose to dive, into a space of soul expression in the dancing body, in the connection between spirit and earth.  She will sensitively accompany you into the sacred dance that you are, listening to what will come, what will arise in you.  You will restore your power, deepen peace within you, recognize from a personal experience the healing powers of the dance you are.  Come as you are.

Anva comes from the world of therapy, dance and art.  Her passion for movement began out of a personal need to heal places in her body that she disconnected from in early childhood and out of a history of severe medical tests in her childhood. From this she met many wonderful teachers, who reminded her of the power of reconnection to the body.  Learning from nature and the materials of life, learning that anything can be danced and this understanding is wonderful. Today she leads and accompany movement for groups and in person.  Currently she is living in Israel with her partner Netanel.

Please bring comfortable clothes for movement, water bottle, writing notebook + writing pen.