*Pericadium Release - Awakening the heart


Pericardium Release-  OBC - Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy *treatment of touch & blessings 

The basic work to create an intimate and conscious communication with the organs and cells. Different spiritual or mystical currents see this as speaking to the elements of the body. This is the most direct way to release the spirit/consciousness that is in the cells. It is a process of listening and relating which occurs through touch and deep listening and the communication with the cells, and from this the traumatic memories hidden in the body and mind are released. The heart and the hand meet.

The treatment releases blockages, releases anxieties, energetic cleaner, produces a renewed flow of vital energy and healing in the body. The heart is the emperor and the pericardium is the central guardian of the emperor and she is the one whose traumas get stuck over the years and she gets the brunt of the contractions and emotions that have not been processed and released.  Massaging the pericardium helps in releasing the pericardium thus bringing about a deep release of stuck energies and emotions. Restores life force to the body and strengthens the voice of the fire of the heart.

Anva follows the path of connection and the path of the heart. She wants to make peace and clean everything that hinders and blocks the purity of our hearts from bringing its light and healing. She supports the soul to become well in the body in a complete way and to radiate its beauty. Through guiding groups in movement, personal pericardium Release  treatments  & art she seeks to expand connections and healing in the world.


* come in stretchy pants
* a shirt without buttons, 
* the treatment is fully clothed 
* do not eat a meal close to the treatment time
* price:  40€ - 70€ according to ability and will