*Soul Healing, Channeling & Activation (Paradise Codes)

I am guided to support the awakening into the 5th Dimension as a spiritual healer and holistic artist, experience into a unique and fluid process. Healing, Channeling, Meditation, Shakti yoga & dance, sacred soul journeys  are woven together as activating expressions of Heaven’s grace and Mother Earth’s sacred wisdom.
I work with new "Paradise Paradigm,“ the Maria Magdalena Codes to heal the alliance with your Star and Soul power, assisting the rise of humanity into a higher frequency of crystal light being. Receive you Divine Plan and Beauty in order to serve Light on Earth, which connects you to your truth and each other into love, peace & abundance!
Its time to wake up and heal our hearts and contracts from past life.
So we will become a free soul and are abel to open for the Golden Light of abundance & beauty.


•    Energetic clearing and activation of physical spaces and releasing from old pain and attachments - Organ cleansing through Sound Healing

.     Womb Healing - Mary Magdalena Blessings

•    Clearing the Mind Settings of old  programs & patterns - Activation of new believes

•    Karma, Aura, and Chakra clearing and opening

•    Shamanic Healing: Anchestor Healing & Time Lines Healing Work


• Soul healing, reading, and liberation for your fulfillment of your soul path & your vision  - Discovery of your soul plan


•    Connection to light beings  for deeper divine guidance in your life

•   Star Light Connection for empowering and liberate your soul - connection to your higher  self

•    Activation and initiation of your inner goddess, healer or light worker - Goddess Isisi Activation & Mary Magdalena Codes

This holistic healing work is for everyone who is ready to let go and to surrender into Light!

This energy work will  give you beautiful and powerful upgrades for your human being, in order to become more receptive for your truth , your  love, your worth and your sacred wisdom of your soul.

Love & Blessings, Anjuna

Worldwide Healing Retreats and private Sessions: