*Angel Awakening Embodiment

“When we take one step towards the Angels, they take a thousand steps towards us”
Are you ready for more joy, peace, and love in your life? Do you want to meet your Guardian Angel who is protecting you and walking side by side with you? Do you want to know your next steps? Alexandra invites you into the Angelic Realm.

Your Guardian Angel loves you, has always loved you, has been with you for lifetimes. Each of us has a longing to feel that deep sense of peace, safety and Love that comes from this reconnection to Source; Connecting to it opens you at a Soul level, bringing a sense of inner peace, no matter what your external situation.

Alexandra’s mission is to bring heaven down onto earth. Through her deep connection to the Angelic Realm you will be enabled to connect you with your own Guardian Angel. The Angels revealed to Alexandra a method to invite them into the Divine vessel of your body. The process is sensual, gentle, playful, and powerful - a combination of conversation, energetic mediation, Angel Tapping and Sensual Angel Dance.
Just know: You are never alone; You are on the right path!

Come with an open heart, curiosity and playfulness to discover how to open to that loving contact with your Angelic support.

In her early 20s ALEXANDRA was confronted by a life-threatening brain tumor. It was a Wake-up call that became her Angel call. She left her job running an art gallery, and devoted herself to her healing path. Alexandra, author of “Let’s talk about Angels“, was shown a method for reconnecting people with their Soul and the Angelic Realm called “FREUDENFEUER - Fire of Joy“. She offers 1:1 Sessions, Europe-wide workshops, retreats, and is a speaker on international congresses.
Alexandra is also author of the book: "Lass uns über Engel reden",  (available only in German)