*Astrology, Rebirthing and Intimacy Healing Sessions

TRANSITS AND PROGRESSION READING: What are the planetary cycles we are in? What is the meaning of our life experience and where is it leading us? These readings are not a forecast but an indication as how to live the experiences on our journey as milestones chosen by our higher self, allowing our personal growth.

LOCATIONAL ASTROLOGY: Discover the best places in the world for you to live, to achieve your business goals, to travel, to have harmonic relationships.

REBIRTHING: Through the circular breathing  you will make room inside your body and perceive yourself at a deeper level. The dialogue between conscious and unconscious is activated, you get the chance to let go of trauma, stuck emotions and stress experiencing a great sensation of energetic replenishing and reproducing the chemistry of love.

INTIMACY HEALING SESSIONS:This is a one-to-one meeting, in a safe and protected space, where the energy of the "temple" is created, a bubble out of time where you can let go and feel welcomed with love. Each meeting lasts about two hours, including an initial interview, massage practice and final discussion. I use various tools including conscious touch, elemental massage, tandava, and other tantric techniques from the Sofia Sundari method.  Benefits: a state of ecstasy and great openness,  release of old stagnant emotions and energies, meeting the pleasure of the body and great grounding and psychophysical well-being.

I've worked with Depth Astrology for 25 years, to help people gaining awareness of their potentials , their life project and the meaning of their daily life. To motivate and remind those who forgot what they have chosen to manifest in this place at this time. I also teach astrology in the school I founded in Switzerland, Athanor.
I use Rebirthing to support people, to reconnect  to that anchoring place and sacred space from which emotions and old patterns can free safely, finding a way out and leaving space for a more expandend and light self-perception.
I lead through body movement , because I've been experiencing for 15 years what dance triggers in me: deep connection with my life force, overflowing joy, sensuality, estatic spaces where our mind is quiet and all is magic.
I've been training with Sofia Sundari and hold space for women in cirles of feminine practices, and offer intimacy healing sessions.
Please bring:
For the astrology readings: The telephone charged enough to be able to record the session.
For the intimacy healing sessions: a sarong.
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