*Depth Astrology Reading and Rebirthing


BIRTH CHART READING: Get to know yourself truly and deeply through the unique and unrepeatable configuration of your birth chart. You can gain knowledge of parental influence, your talents,  your professional calling as well as your way to relate to others. Learn about the challenges you need to face in this life, and for those believing in past lives, information about your soul journey and karmic inheritance that you need to integrate.

TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS: What are the planetary cycles we are in? What is the meaning of our current life experience and where is it leading us? These readings are not a forecast but an indication as how to live the experiences on our journey as milestones chosen by our higher self, allowing our personal growth.

REBIRTHING: This technique focuses on inhaling and exhaling in a circular way, and through it you will make some room inside your body and perceive yourself at a deeper level. This unique combination of breathing and creative thoughts allows to transform our life and open ourselves up to new possibilities, and finally manage to attract what we truly want.

I've worked with Depth Astrology for 25 years, to help people gaining awareness of their potentials , their life project and the meaning of their daily life. To motivate and remind those who forgot what they have chosen to manifest in this place at this time.

I use Rebirthing to support people, to help to "making room" within themselves, to reconnect  to that anchoring place and sacred space from which emotions and old patterns can free safely, finding a way out and leaving space for a more expandend and light self-perception.

For the astrology sessions, I need to know the exact time of birth.

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