AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival 2021




Essential Oil & Singing Bowls Massage

Treat yourself to an hour of deep relaxation. I offer singing bowl massage in the tradition of Peter Hess in which the metal therapeutic singing bowl are placed either on or directly above your clothed body. I will be working with your whole body or adjust the treatment to your special needs. Apart from the positive influence of the gentle tones the vibrations and sound waves spread internally within your entire body loosening tension and blockages leaving you with a deep sense of trust and connectness. More...


Energy Balance Facilitator, Abdomen Massage, Reiki Master

In a  safe space, we give ourselves permission to explore and re-balance. This process is nothing that can be described with words or be understood with the mind. This is a sacred connection to the I AM of every person. To reach this place in her therapeutic sessions, Roula employs several techniques on different levels so that she can meet the core of every person and facilitate the therapy. Reiki,  Abdomen massage, Integration of our broken parts, she works on the body's physical and energy level to imprint happiness, worth, acceptance, love, relief. More...


Thai Nuad Massage for Feminine Empowerment

Dear women! To strengthen the divine feminine within you and bringing your body back into alignment, my Thai Nuad Massage sessions are a good opportunity to bring you back into your power.
Thai Nuad (originally „Nuad Phaen Boran“) is also known as Thai Yoga or Passive Yoga and combines Yogic practice from India with Chinese Acupressure techniques (TCM). More...


Human Design Reading

We are unique and from your personal Human Design chart you can gain a great deal of insight into your own nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts. It has a practical application that you can experience in every moment and this carries a huge potential for improvement and fulfillment in the life of each individual. More...



The Flowery Chat is a moment for yourself to receive tools to help release tension and psychological as well as physical ailments through yoga, breathing, psychosomatic, empathic communication and flower essence therapy. Included in the meeting 30 is your bottle of Bach Flowers. More...


Soundmassage & Voice Coaching

Individual sessions with Igor help in remembering how to relax, encouraging you to stop judgement and allow full vital and vocal potential to express themselves. Here you can let go and embark on a inner search for your Voice, with a loving guide in a safe space. More...


The Mermaid Experience

Corfu is a mermaid shaped island! As you look at the satellite image of her the clearer she becomes. Sophia works with water to help us remember more of who we are. She is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a pregnancy and birth doula and a mermaid instructor. More...


Depth Astrology Reading and Rebirthing

Readings: Get to know yourself truly and deeply through the unique and unrepeatable configuration of your birth chart. You can gain knowledge of parental influence, your talents,  your professional calling as well as your way to relate to others. Rebirthing: This technique focuses on inhaling and exhaling in a circular way, and through it you will make some room inside your body and perceive yourself at a deeper level. This unique combination of breathing More...


Feeling Colours

Rita is a pioneer and expert in colours and their effect on human beings. She has been teaching and working with "Feeling Colours", the method she has developed for almost 28 years. More...


Soul Embodiment Session

Soul Embodiment Sessions with energetic intuitive Christina Valeska meet you right at the threshold of your longing for a deeper and vibrantly alive connection with your Soul.
Energetic psycho-emotional body work and Trauma release activate energies that support you where you feel stuck or in unfavourable repetitive patterns in your life. Energetic blockages may show up as physical symptoms in your body and/or challenging emotions that already utter your Soul´s calling for loving awareness, integration and change. More...