AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival 2022



Treat yourself with a private session during the festival. This is an opportunity to focus on your individual healing. Meet your Private Session Givers during the festival. Please check the Program for the exact date and time.


Soul Embodiment Session

Soul Embodiment Sessions with energetic intuitive Christina Valeska meet you right at the threshold of your longing for a deeper and vibrantly alive connection with your Soul.
Energetic psycho-emotional body work and Trauma release activate energies that support you where you feel stuck or in unfavourable repetitive patterns in your life. Energetic blockages may show up as physical symptoms in your body and/or challenging emotions that already utter your Soul´s calling for loving awareness, integration and change. More...



Reikihealing: Reiki literally means "spiritual energy". Rei means spirit and ki means energy. Reiki is in essence YOU- your inner light and the purest expression of your essence and self. It is based on an Eastern medicine belief that living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality. More...


Sirius Star Activation

This Star Activation will open your 3rd eye for clarity and Visions. It will strengthen your intuition and the Seer Power within you. Sirius is a Star of Miracles and is connected to the Owl. This Star Activation is connected to your own Soul and your own light. By receiving this Sirius Star Activation you will awakening the inner light within you.


CANTIENICA® body in evolution & Energy healing

CANTIENICA® body in evolution is a posture and movement concept based on therapeutic best-practice and anatomical precision. In short, it is bone intelligence. All bones are aligned and stretched according to the original blueprint of the human body. The pelvis is the foundation for a relaxed upright posture and a healthy spine. By perfectly aligning the pelvis and spine, strength, flexibility and stamina are trained from the deepest muscle layers and therefore improve shape and posture extremely fast and effectively. Importantly, this is also essential for highly efficient therapeutic bodywork. More...



Arianna is a Yoga teacher and a holistic wellness advocate. Passionate holistic researcher, she’s been learning from many ancient traditions. After her training in Hatha and Anukalana Yoga, she studied with Krisnananda and Amana in the «Learning Love» training and with Clinton Callahan, creator of «Possibility Management», to deepen her knowledge on psychosomatic, feelings and emotions, communication and intimacy. More...


Soundmassage & Voice Coaching

Individual sessions with Igor help in remembering how to relax, encouraging you to stop judgement and allow full vital and vocal potential to express themselves. Here you can let go and embark on a inner search for your Voice, with a loving guide in a safe space. More...


The Mermaid Experience & Warm Water Therapie

Corfu is a mermaid shaped island! As you look at the satellite image of her the clearer she becomes. Sophia works with water to help us remember more of who we are. She is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a pregnancy and birth doula and a mermaid instructor. More...


Receive The Aura Touch to Awaken the Artist within

By holding space through the presence of her auric field, Nadine offers heightened awareness that allows you to get unstuck and find the golden key that opens the door for your life direction. A guidance to accompany you through confusion, overwhelm, emotional triggers, challenges, and moments of growth going deep into de-conditioning process.  More...



TRANSITS AND PROGRESSION READING: What are the planetary cycles we are in? What is the meaning of our life experience and where is it leading us? These readings are not a forecast but an indication as how to live the experiences on our journey as milestones chosen by our higher self, allowing our personal growth. LOCATIONAL ASTROLOGY: Discover the best places in the world for you to live, to achieve your business goals, to travel, to have harmonic relationships. REBIRTHING: Through the circular breathing  you will make room inside your body and perceive yourself at a deeper level.  More...


Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Energetic Release is an integrative, deep form of bodywork practiced with skillful integrity and acute sensitivity.  Myofascial Energetic Release possess the capacity to alleviate chronic physical pain, simultaneously treating somatic expressions of emotional and mental pain. Myofascial Energetic Release is unique, inviting the recipient to Pro-Actively Participate in direct engagement with his/her own innate healing power.  More...


Channeled autonic vibration therapy

Sound Therapy is the application of sound vibration to help the body return to emotional and physiological wellbeing. Sound Therapy works on the principle that everything in the Universe vibrates, from the smallest particle to the planets in the solar system, to the billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. These vibrations create patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, musical intervals and sounds which can set another body in motion, known as resonance. More...


Tantric Masculinity Sessions

Tantric coaching sessions with Chris offer a here-and-now encounter with yourself that aims to help you make peace with your masculine side.  His coaching is supportive for men who are interested in exploring what it means to feel fully comfortable to be in a men’s body; as well as women who also want to tap into their own masculine energy and focus on their relationship to men in general.


Human Design Reading

We are unique and from your personal Human Design chart you can gain a great deal of insight into your own nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts. It has a practical application that you can experience in every moment and this carries a huge potential for improvement and fulfillment in the life of each individual. More...


Sacred Dance Embodiment 

Anva invites you to a space of movement. A place that allows and invites intimacy and listening. It is a ceremonial space that is wrapped in love. You will dive together as much as you choose to dive, into a space of soul expression in the dancing body, in the connection between spirit and earth. More...