Andean Masters teach that we have 7 energetic eyes or centers located on specific points on the human body. These power places are directly connected with the forces of mother nature. In this Workshop you will learn about these 7 energetic centers and connect yourself with the natural forces; Mama Qocha (Ocean - Water Element), Inti (father sun), Mama Killia (Wind), Pachamama (Earth) and Kanchay ( Cosmic energy - aether). We will connect with these elements in nature and learn how to release heavy energies - HOOCHA - and excess the pure, pristine, sweet nectar of these forces so called SAMI for the purpose of refilling us with beautiful energy. This provides us spiritual food that we need in order to grow on our path. Let´s connect with delicious energy from nature! We can enjoy the sensation of complete harmony with all forces of nature inside and outside of your energy bubble. 
We will also connect with the Ley Lines of Mother Earth which are very powerful on Corfu and reconnect with the power places of this Island. It will activate in us our Lankas - our strength to walk our path and live our purpose. 
Munay, Yours Annette

This workshop is for everyone who likes to reconnect with the universal forces and to your own spiritual power.

***Annette Assmy is a filmmaker, a creative soul, a Mistress of Ceremonies and she is walking the path of an earth keeper. For her it is a heart wish to bring the soul nourishing Inca wisdom to the western world. She learned from The Four Winds Society, by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (http://thefourwinds.com/) and she is certified in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. Since November 2014 she is learning directly from the peruvian shamans, so called Paqos at the Serena Anchanchu School in Holland (http://www.incashamanism.com/). She is initiated by them as a Pampa Mesayok; Keeper of the earth. 
She is also initiated by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada in the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition.
Since 2012 she is giving Energy Healing Sessions and making group seminars (The Rite of the Womb. Invitation of the Pleiades and the Munay-Ki Rites etc.).




FLUENCE - Friday 13 th July 20018

This aquatic workshop is about resonating with FLUENCE. The experience of FLOW is essential to us feeling happy in ourselves.

"We can be happy experiencing the passive pleasure of a rested body, warm sunshine, or the contentment of a serene relationship, but this kind of happiness is dependent on favorable external circumstances. The happiness that follows flow is of our own making, and it leads to increasing complexity and growth in consciousness."
Michail Csikszentmihalyi

Water is the ideal environment for finding flow in our emotions, bodies and minds. When our flow stagnates on any level we stop feeling good.

Is there something you would like to create flow in your life for?
Are you seeking for a way to feel good in your body?
Do you want to increase your flow so that you feel alive and connected?
Or do you simply wish to attune yourself to the ancient aquatic pulsations of the mermaid shaped island of Corfu.
Join us in the crystal clear waters of Arillas for an hour of FLUENCE at AGAPE.ZOE Festival in Arillas, Corfu.

This workshop is lead by Sophia Michalopoulou who is from Corfu and works internationally as an Aquatic Therapist & Educator.
Her passion is to explore the infinite possibilities offered by the element of water to heal, transform and evolve us as human beings.
Sophia focuses her work on how water facilitates a deeper understanding of our birth journeys. She is also a certified Mermaid Swimming Instructor.



The mountain village of Afionas, approximately 3 km from Arillas, is still very original. It’s inhabitants are known all over Corfu for caring their village very lovingly. Complex natural stone promenades and abundant flower and fruit tree plantings make Afionas to a demanded destination. There are many amazing restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty dinner with a stunning view over the sunset. 




We will offer you boat tours to the most beautiful beaches and bays around Arillas. We visit Palaiokastritsa, Paradise Beach, we see caves and with a little luck dolphins and water turtles as well! 








We invite you to come and enjoy our delicious hummus buffet, with a full plate of warm, tasty hummus, assorted side salads, sauces, and pita, followed by a vegan, wheat and dairy free cake.
This will be offered on Thursdays 13th, Monday 17th and Thursday 20th of July, from 2-4  pm.

By donation.
Takeaway is available - please bring your own containers.



The night sky is a whole language of itsself, full of encrypted information and telling us many stories about the world.
With Zoe, we are going to decode the mysterious night sky and bring down parts of the knowledge it offers us.

While you relax under the stunning starsky of Corfu, Zoe will guide you through the constellations and the ancient greek mythologies that are connected to their genesis, as well as through the current planetary positions and their astrological meaning for us.



The famous double bay is a popular destination for trips by boat or by walking from the mountain and artist village of Afionas. Two beautiful bays are lying across from each other, building the shape of a butterfly, seperated by a 30m sand beach. A special thing about this place is that the water temperature on the two sides of the bay are totally different. You can spend a wonderful afternoon here and enjoy the feeling of being in paradise. Following a small path up the hill you can visit a little church. You have two options of getting to Porto Timoni, either by a boat taxi from Arillas beach or by walking from Afionas. The hike takes approximately 1 hour and closed shoes are recommended.



Kostas Avlonitis was born and raised in North Corfu. He works with olive wood and olive roots to create magnificent works of art, but also produces delicious organic olive oil from his olive groves. Carving olive wood is a craft that requires time and patience, as the olive wood has to dry for about three years before it can be sculpted. Especially the roots of the great corfiot olive trees are as hard as metal and are very difficult to work on. On the other hand, any object made from this beautiful material is almost everlasting.

Kostas uses mostly the winter time to create his sculptures and the range of things he makes is astonishing. Starting with forks, spoons, chandeliers and little playthings and going up to vases, bowls, bottle holders, mirrors. ornamental sculptures and many more.

His family has been producing olive oil in a natural way for many generations. In 2013, he finally received the organic certification, so he can rightfully call hisolive oil and olives organic. You can buy this amazing olive oil in small bottles or bigger cans, either to consume during your stay on Corfu or to take home with you. If you want to purchase Kostas’s organic olive oil online, you can do that on Corfu’s online shop.

The workshop is situated in a beautiful setting, in the middle of the family olive grove in Armenades, right next to his source of raw material. The peace and tranquility of the place are in perfect harmony with the traditional stone building that serves as an atelier. If you are lucky you may find him there, working patiently to transform a piece of wood or root into something even more beautiful and useful. There is also a larger exhibition space in Perithia, on the coastal road between Acharavi and Kassiopi, where more artifacts are showcased.

We will visit Kostas’ olive grove on Tuesday 11th around 3 pm.


We will offer you the opportunity to rent a Stand Up Paddleboard and glide over the ocean!



The brewery is open for visitors every Saturday and you are welcome to drop by to see how beer is produced from natural ingredients, and of course to try! The visit and tour are free.

The all beers are unpasteurised and unfiltered and hence must be consumed within two months of production (which is usually not a problem!). You can find all Corfu beers in selected bars, both in bottle and in draught, and also in most supermarkets.
They produce many different beers:

Corfu Special, a fresh red beer with velvet taste and a fruity aroma.
Corfu Bitter, a fresh dark beer with bitter taste and rich aroma.
Ionian Pilsner, a blond pilsner, perfect for on the beach.
Ionian Epos, a dark beer with 7,5% alcohol, refermented with flower honey.
Amorosa Weiss, a white beer with a smooth banana flavour.
Contessa IPA, a robust Indian Pale Ale.
1842 Ginger Beer wth 2% alcohol.