*Soul Reading

Through aura reading you can get an overview on the energetic structure current energy to find out as part of the subtle imbalances and hidden problems, to address effectively and conscious.

With the analysis of clumps and block you can determine the level of materialisation of an event to the body as the disease and the stage of evolution of a theme, its influence on the energy structure and the chakras.

The purpose is to put clearly on the energy situation of the person in the auric level, identify blocks, traumas and imbalances to know the most suitable technique for a resolution.

Santina Storni received Reiki more than fifteen years ago in Argentina where she immediately began her therapeutic activities which she increases, improves and expands during the following years in different countries of the world where she travels and resides, among which are: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.
As for her personal path, she did not find the “Guide” she wished for and, based on experience and “statistics”, created a deposit of knowledge as well as her personal language: “Sensitive Reiki®”.
She considers herself self-taught in Reiki and in all hollistic areas, she obtains great therapeudic results which she later transmits to a formative level.
Since 2009 she is dedicated to the creation, planning and presentation of specialized courses born out of her personal experience, as well as creating Reiki courses at levels I, II and III.
In 2013 she founded the Escuela Especializada FormAzione Reiki, starting her activity with the proyect “La Bienal Reiki” (2014-2016), a specialization for therapists, a deepening of Reiki knowledge and other energetic techniques and their therapeutical applications.
Until today she offers annual courses for Advanced Reiki and Subtle Energies. At the present time she is planning a “Master Course & Training” for the formation of teachers of Reiki and profesional trainers FormAzione Reiki has Santina Storni as its principal trainer together with several teachers and therapists with whom she cooperates.