*Cosmic LIGHT Child - Star of Isis Activation

The Time is Now and Now is the time.
Our innate blueprint wants to fully unfold and blossom -

Under the loving guidance of many star beings, goddesses, gods, angels and our infinite soul, we journey into this NOW moment to experience our full light path and our highest potential.  The star of Isis, also called Sirius is a guiding light towards awakening and healing in the new era of earth.

A Workshop that includes Deep meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Light Activation and deep Clearing with the help of the angelic realm. Be prepared for take off.

All are welcome.

Za Rah Kumara (Huna HaZaRah Kumara)  is a Healing Artist, Light Priestess, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Huna, Singer, and a clinical Psychotherapist with a doctoral license in Munich.

Za Rah works with the angelic realm, meditative healing arts and with light crystals to harmonize and unblock energies in the physical and subtle bodies. She is licensed with a Private Practice in the greater Munich Area, Germany and travels around the world to coach and teach.

In her classes and international Retreats she works her healing magic by helping humans and starseeds become their highest selves through her heart-centered and compassionate teachings and life coaching.
She specializes in eclectic life coaching, as well as working with the divine feminine, creating mantra music & sound scapes, and holding classes & healing rituals around the world. Zarah was trained in level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga by Gurmukh and Tej Kaur Khalsa in India and California.

Bring a yoga mat and water and please also bring personal crystals or sacred things you can place on the altar for charging during the activation.