*Shakti Rising Workshop

Join us in the land of the Goddess to remember who you are at your essence. To remove the masks and drop deep into the void of your womb. Deeply listening to receive the transmission of your
wisdom. Purifying your energy body to create space for Shakti to rise. To feel the pulse of life force, the current of the feminine opening you, softening you, enlivening you and dancing you home to
grace. To live life fully embodied as the powerful, creative, radiant women you are.

This workshop is a sacred invitation to come to know yourself as the radiant, sensual, powerful woman that you are. A vessel for divine light and a bridge between heaven and earth. Not afraid of her shadow as she knows the purity and power of her light. The woman who owns her power as the creatrix of her reality, energetic alchemist and priestess of Gaia.
Under the guidance of the frequencies of the feminine, the Goddesses, elementals, Angelics and beyond we will journey through:

● Kundalini yoga to cleanse the chakra system, opening our voices with the resonance of mantra.
● Shakti yoga and somatic movement to shift suppressed emotion, awaken sensuality, returning to our primal wild nature.
● Archetypes of the feminine and how they express in our world.
● Clearing and activating the sacred womb portal, plugging into womb wisdom, the codes of our sacred cycle and blood mysteries.
● Women’s alchemy to cleanse and clear the aura and arc line from past lovers and experiences
● Taoist and tantric techniques to awaken our sexual energy and ignite our inner fire of creation
● Sacred healing circles to activate life force and connect you to the wisdom of your soul
● Angelic Healing with Archangels to for clearing and igniting the light of the universe within us
● Elemental ceremonies
● Transmission of the pure Christ Light of love, innocence and beauty.

The workshop is for women only.

Await a fierce Shakti Awakening!