*The Mermaid Island Experience

Did you know that Corfu is the shape of a mermaid-like being rising out of the waters of the Ionian Sea?
This workshop introduces you to the Mermaid Corcyra who perhaps called you to this sacred island in the first place.

Sophia is a professional mermaid instructor and works with water to help you remember more of who we are. She will introduce you to some mermaid moves and groves to awaken your inner mermaid or merman. Finding your flow on land will prepare you so that you can swim with a tail if you feel ready!

Did you ever dream of becoming a mermaid or do you simply love the sea?
Mermaiding makes you feel like magic is real and that dreams really do come true. If you are seeking some fun-loving vibes you’ll want to try this unique experience. If water is your happy place you’re probably ready to try on a tail as well!

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic perinatal therapist and birth doula. She supports people in the water to remember their birth experiences, overcome their fears and prepares couples for pregnancy and birth.

She loves to mermaid in Arillas because it reminds her of her childhood growing up in these crystal clear waters. Sophia leads a local movement called WATER CONSCIOUS to encourage human beings to be more aware of the value of water.

For this workshop please bring a towel and your drinking water. You do not need to know how to swim for this workshop.
For sessions please consult individually.