*Sacred Unity Dance

“We are walking each other home..”
Men and Women are coming together in this Workshop to offer their dance as a prayer of our shared Heart.
We are coming together to alchemise the pain of the past, to allow ourselves to be witnessed and acknowledged in our truth, to release past narratives of separation and dominance of the masculine principle.
We come together to embody both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves and share from a place of wholeness.
We come together to explore ourselves and our interaction with “the other” in a conscious dance practice and to open ourselves to a deeper, healthier kind of Love.

Everybody is welcome to this deep Soul journey!

Surya Sophia is holistic therapist and self empowerment coach. Her deepest joy is to create immersive opportunities for people to undergo personal transformation and to activate them into their unique gifts. She is certified Women´s Circle Facilitator, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga instructor. She has studied Flamenco, Tribal Bellydance, Gypsy dance with internationally acclaimed teachers. She has studied Feeling Colours, a method of reconnection with the unique Colours of the Soul. She has developed Intuitive Reflexology, ShaktiFlow and Sacred Primitive Dance, integrating holistic arts and Wild, earth-based spirituality. She offers Workshops and Retreats of Feminine Empowerment through dance around the world.