*Human Design System

Human Design System is a science of self-discovery and uniqueness. It is a logical system that combines the wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system and Quantum physics.

The greater gift of Human Design System is the decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life; and is a way of allowing your body's intelligence to guide you.


Are you aware of the impact that your aura may have about who is close to you and vice versa?

Who are you and who are the other?

Where it begins and ends your reality?

How can you make a decision properly respecting yourself?

These and other issues will be addressed during the experiential inter- active presentation of Human Design System. In particular we will look at the different genetic families that are in the world right now and the strategy of life linked to them.

To participate in this enlightening program is needed to know your birth time, and print/ download for free your own map of Auric design (RAVE CHART) by going to the website

(READING… What do you get from it )

We are unique and from your personal Human Design chart you can gain a great deal of insight into your own nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts. It has a practical application that you can experience in every moment and this carries a huge potential for improvement and fulfillment in the life of each individual.

For the people who already had a H.D reading or for who would like to experience Human Design in a new way I am offering “ The Mandala Life Purpose Experience”.

In this regard, my experiential work, created 3 years ago, it is a great help that allow you to access to your inner depth, and fulfill your own purpose in life through the expression of your unique gifts. I will help you to establish your own connection with the H.D wheel and to attune yourself to the way energy flows inside your personal genetic information ,so what is stored in your unconscious level can be revealed to you.

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About me

My name is Shanti Reema. I am a projector 4/6 splenic.

What I love about my work and is helping you to recognize and experience the beauty and perfection of our being. I've been in the design from 2004 and I still love it! Knowledge is the first step to transcendence....

Life is a mystery to be lived not a battle or a load to carry on your shoulders.

Love Yourself!

Please bring a USB to collect the recording or record for yourself on your phone.

Language: English and Italian . Good understanding of Spanish and Portuguese.

Much love Shanti Reema

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