*Essence of the Feminine

In our circle of sisters we weave mystical practices, wisdom teachings and sacred dance traditions from the Near East to India in accordance with our true feminine nature.
We move in our own lunar rhythms and connect with our naturally arising instinctual wisdom, insight, vitality and joy. We apply the sacred symbology of undulations, waves, spirals, circles and infinity loops, linking in with the beginning point: the 'bindu'- navel of the universe. We conjure up and alchemize the energies of earth, air, fire and water in our own beings. No previous experience needed.

Schirin Chams-Diba is a mystica, dancer, yogini, healer, and pilgrim at heart. From a young age, she has followed a distinct call to embark on a life-long journey of healing, adventure, and truth. From a long line of Persian healers and wise women, she has trained intensively in sacred dance, yoga, spiritual lineages, esoteric arts,  and herbal medicine. After years of exploring the world, devoting herself to in-depth study, and shaping her own practice, she feels called to share her skills in service to the greater good. Bringing together all these riches has led her to develop her method for ‘Essence of the Feminine’.

For the past decade, Schirin has taught sacred movement medicine through feminine-aligned yoga, sacred dance traditions from the Middle East to India as a transformational and empowering experience, various esoteric traditions seen through the feminine lens, lunar rhythms and holistic lifestyle choices. Whether alone or in a circle of sisters, the practices serve the experience of connection, naturally arising wisdom, intuition, vitality, creativity, healing and joy.

She has held workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Thailand, India, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, USA and Guatemala; some at renown events such as the 'Bali Spirit Festival' .

As a multi-disciplinary dance artist,  she regularly performs live with world-renown musical acts at festivals and concerts. She is a member of the electro acoustic project Karavan Sarai. Live performance highlights include: virtuoso Omar Faruk Tekbilek , Stellamara, Beats Antique, Yuval Ron Ensemble, Bedouin Jerrycan Band, Peruquois & Praful,  Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan, Mamak Khadem, the cast of Jillina Carlano’s Bellydance Evolution ‘Fantasm Odyssey of Dreams’ production.

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