*5 Element Dance

The 5 Element Dance is an alchemical dance journey into the qualities of the 5 elements. We are dancing to Remember, where we come from, what are we made of.. Guided by special music we explore these qualities and we dance inspired form the feeling & movement of the earth, the water, the fire, the wind and ether which represents the spirit. Through this dance we awaken our body language, bringing in balance the elements of our being. At the end we close in a soundspiral and lay down to relax and integrate the experience with soothing sounds of live instruments.

Poliana Dimitropoulou comes from Greece. She graduated the University of Arts, various healing modalities and workshop facilitation. The last 12 years her work is focused on healing through energy, ritual arts, meditation and creative expression. As a world traveler she has studied and practiced modern methods but also ancient knowledge from Greece, India, Mexico and United states while living with indigenous tribes. She works with the Medicine wheel, Native practices, Ushui Reiki, Pranic healing, Sound healing, Ritual dances, Breathwork, Autohypnosis, Drum journeys and leading women circles on womb healing trauma, self awareness and empowerment.  She has been sharing her skills with individuals, holistic retreats, festivals, teaching workshops in healing centers, schools and medical clinics. She is the creator of RHEA Temple – Ritual Healing Arts, a project which is focused also to the Greek mystic tradition and is a harmoniously structured combination of those tools & events that offer a holistic mind/body /soul experience which invokes self awareness, liberation and reconnection to the source of light.