*Heart to Heart Yoga

When you are in your own heart, you will be connected with the heart of mother earth and she will protect you and she will feel your vibration of love and appreciation. We choose with every thought, feeling and breath what will happened in the near future.

Right now is the time to remember and to connect to mother earth, to remember how much you are loved. Let's gather with our hearts to raise our vibration for the higher good. Let us come together as a tribe, as children of mother earth. Let us melt into one heart, full of love for our beloved mother earth and the precious creation of life. Let us promise , to never give up on her, to not give in to the fears and to never give up on each other. Love is the most profound, most far-reaching and the least understood energy on this earth. Only through love we will create a paradise which the world has never seen. We will higher our vibration to feel the divine within and without. I am so thankful , with you, to you to celebrate with you. Let us create the vision of a new earth, a new way of living with the deepest appreciation of mother earth. Let us rest in the knowing that after every death there will be a re-birth, it's like the rainbow following the storm. May we see and feel our hearts, not afraid to walk forward, hand in hand, into the greatness, which awaits us.

Let us come together to do yoga, meditate, chant and dance.  I am beyond excited to be part of the Agape Zoe Corfu summer festival 2021, and so thankful to Tony and the whole team which makes this gathering possible.

About Oliver: certified kundalini yoga teacher since 2008, student of yoga since 2001.