*Soul Singing Ceremony

Singing has a tremendous power to connect worlds.
Singing that emanates from the depths of life and flows into the highest branches creates connections of truth between me and I & the divinity, between me and my heart and the journey of my life.

Singing is A prayer, an intention, an awakening call on earth.

I invite you to A space of presence and intention of the heart.

The words, some of which I collected from the Jewish tradition I grew up in and some of them, I wrote. Every song / prayer has a secret that seeks to be revealed. By singing without time, a song that repeats itself more and more (mantra, chanting) like water to rock slowly open the gates of the heart.
And the dams that have been closed over the years are being released into the great sea.

It's an invitation to simplicity. Being as we are, to bring who we are, to give expression to what lives in us at the present moment, to sing the truth within.

It is an invitation to surrender, to the path, to divinity to the emotions of life in us – that seek a place in the world.
It's an invitation to be together, chant together,dive together in the ocean of creation & harmony.

It is an invitation to create together a space through which we can empower, heal and give healing sing in harmony in which each of us has a place & a voice in the world.

This is for:
- Everyone who seeks to dive into their soul
- Everyone who feels that needs a healing
- Everyone who wishes to sing all the way back home
- Everyone who asks to open the heart

Netanel Goldberg (vocal artist, composer, creator, writer, tiller of the soil, Lover & a student of life) is a countertenor vocal artist who leads sessions of prayer and healing circles in Israel, Europe, and the United States.
In addition to Hebrew and English, Netanel performs in new languages that he channels live, an improvisational reflection of life through music. In the last past 2 years netanel joined the international guitarist “Estas tone” for tours in Europe, Russia & Ukraine.
And tours with the pianist “Mitsch Kohn” in Europe & Israel.
In addition to concerts, netanel leads workshops & retreats. he leads & accompanies ceremonies of life (weddings, birth & death).

You can listen to his music on his albums, “River of Light”, “Pure Emotion” and the latest “Magic moments” with the mystical pianist Mitsch Kohn.

With Netanel there are some wide colorful musicians (harp, violin, cello & percussion). On the concert “River of Light – Ceremony of the holy soul” will join him Kalyan A cellist and multi-instrumentist. He has been teaching the art of listening for over 20 years in Canada and Europe.

From his words:

To me, music is the art of intimacy. And when the musical
sensitivity is there, whatever happens turns out to be right - the
musician and the listener become one. Only listening remains.

Netanel lives in Israel with his wife Anva.