*Soul Singing Ceremony

These days we are called to return home. Home to the heart, home to the temple we are. To recall the essence our path. There is tremendous power in a shared space of prayer and singing. A common song that connects all hearts together into one beating heart.  It is an invitation to connect to the simple truth in us - that spreads tords simplicity.
It is an invitation to sing what lives in us in the miraculous and present moment.
It's an invitation to dive into an ocean of harmonies. Sing with the heart of the world.
It is an invitation to rest in the great spirit and let her lead us even to the places we never dreamed of reaching.
It is an invitation to make room for the many emotions that live in us.
Allow the tears to clear, the sighs to loosen.
It is an invitation to heal and receive healing.
It's an invitation to be together. In unity. In oneness.

Everyone whose soul desires to meet the heart with the heart.
Everyone who wants  a massage for the heart and soul.
Everyone who wanted to dive deep into the depths and fly with the great spirit.
Anyone who seeks closeness and a sense of belonging together
Anyone who seeks honest medicine for himself.

Netanel Goldberg (singer, composer, writer, tiller of the soil, Lover & a student of life) leads sessions of prayer and soul singing ceremonies in Israel, Europe, and the United States. In addition to ceremonies, Netanel leads workshops, retreats & accompanies ceremonies of life (weddings, birth & death). You can listen to his music on his albums, “River of Light”, “Pure Emotion” and the latest “Magic moments” with the mystical pianist Mitsch Kohn. And in all the online play stores
With Netanel there are some wide colorful musicians (harp, violin, cello & percussion). In the coming ceremonies he will be joined by wonderful musician’s: Kalian Mito & Mitsch Kohn