*Ecstatic Inner Universe Soundspace

This Intuitive Playshop is an invitation to leave the babble of the mind behind, to perceive the inner impulses again and give them space. Everything arises in the moment, playfully, without guidelines, and from the interplay of everyone's impulses, a dynamic of its own emerges. In the end you have bathed in Mitsch's sounds, and probably sung, danced, laughed and cried, expressed your truth and met yourself honestly. Freedom and inner peace.

For all those who want to go on an intuitive journey of self-exploration with playful joy... activate the voice, let the body speak in free movements, get to the bottom of the inner mechanisms that may still be standing in the way of free self-expression... and perhaps discover completely new sides of yourself....

Mitsch's intuitive piano playing enchants with free-flowing melodies and touches the heart with tremendous gentleness and expressiveness. His extraordinary voice and shamanic drumming accompany you to levels of being beyond the mind. He creates a space in which everyone can explore his/her authentic expression of the moment and express it free of judgement.