*Ecstatic Inner Universe - Intuitive Medicine Music

Exploring the inner ecstatic universe is nothing you can do, but it is something you can allow to happen.  In this unique soundhealing and selfexploration-workshop you´re invited to express yourself fully, meet your selfdetermed blockages and concepts, and free yourself from whatever does not serve you anymore. Open your voice, liberate your mind and movement and give yourself the allowance to be yourself.

This session is for all who want to dive deep into their inner truth, face their patterns and believesystems as well as their hidden beauty and blocked power.  If you want to  free yourself and take responsibility for your life, this session could open a big gate for you.

Mitsch Kohn is an intuitive musician and soundmysth. His unique and deeply touching  piano- & vocal based music leads the listener directly on an inner journey beyond the frequencies of the mind, and opens the gates to a "remembering". Many people report to have been truly "at home" during the sound journeys.

It is practical to bring a yogamat, blanket, pillow (depending on your needs) to lay down comfortably. Wear light clothes to allow ecstatic movement.