*Orgasmic Silence

How much do you allow yourself to fully feel and express yourself? How much do you embrace life and surrender to yourself? How much do you connect to your silence inside of you, in your heart?

This Tantric workshop is about feeling yourself, feeling your being, breathing deeply into you, honouring yourself in connection with others from yoour heart.

The workshop consists of Tantric Breathwork, couple exercises and a very powerful orgasmic meditation that helps you to let go and to connect deeper within. To step into the place beyond thoughts and believes. The workshop will take you through different stages of expansion through breath, connecting with others, connecting to your sensitive self and going fully into a powerful release of trapped energy

There is no nudity or sexual activities in this Tantra workshop. The workshop is suitable for singles, couples, multi orgasmic beings and for people that have never experienced any orgasm.

I am giving Bodywork Sessions, Tantric Healing sessions and I am facilitating transformative workshops around authentic communication, touch, intimacy and human connection.

I am very inspired by "Magic of Love" from Nadav, a serious of Tantra Workshops. I want to share the experience with you that I made by myself. I want to share with you how it feels, when you expand, trust, feel yourself fully.

More infos:

http://www.simply-tantra.de  ; http://www.somatic-healing.de