*The art of walking

Walking is the most natural thing we do, almost as natural as breathing. A well practiced body action, since the beginning of one’s life.

No walking is ever the same as the other. How someone walks is as unique as his fingerprints.

Walking is an imprint of one’s physical posture and condition, together with their character trades and emotional state. There are a lot of Somatic Techniques that use the Gait (a person’s manner of walking) as tool for diagnosis of physical or psychological ailments.

In our research, we rediscover walking, we get connected with our unique imprint through conscious walk, breaking down the pattern of walking Thrust- Suspend- Transfer Weight- Arrive.

Through imagery and skeletal functioning understanding, walking alone and in a group as a tool of communication. Through meditating while we do moving Qigong (a slow way of walking) and through experiencing different types of walking, deeply related to character playing and archetypes.

We will reach the state that walking will become dancing, and we will simply enjoy this transformative act of play and expression.


Mata is dancer, teacher, movement therapist, massage therapist and a mother of two daughters. She was born in Larisa, was raised in Athens and now living in Berlin since 2002. She finished her dance education with a BFA in Dance education and Movement Studies at the Performing Arts Center, Southeastern College in Athens. After a scholarship from the National State Foundation of Greece, (IKY) and a scholarship from the Merce Cunningham foundation in New York,  she obtained her degree in the Cunnigham technique, danced repertory work and began teaching at the Merce Cunningham studio.

Her most recent creation was a multidisciplinary improvisation work together with Jungsun Kim and 27 artists from different disciplines, for the project "inc.lusive" in Dock11, Berlin.

Mata joined the ensemble of Sasha Waltz & Guests in August 2005 and dances in the choreographies »Gezeiten«, »Medea«, «Jagden und Formen (Zustand 2008)», »Continu«, «Metamorphoses», «Matsukaze», «Sacre» and «Tanhäuser». She took part in numerous «Dialogues» and was part of the «MusicTANZ Carmen» Educational program of the Berliner Philharmonie. Mata has taught Cunningham technique, Release Technique, Improvisation and Sasha Waltz repertory work, in different cities and schools such as: Merce Cunningham Studio, (NY) DanceWorks, Berliner Philharmonie, Dock 11, Tanzfabrik, Radial System, (Berlin) Duncan Dance School, (Athens) Trinity Laban, (London).

Mata coordinates together with Davide Camplani and Gabriel Galindez Cruz the children`s dance company of Sasha Waltz & Guests in Radial system.

She teaches regularly workshops and was often invited to teach dance workshops at the Trinity-Laban Centre and do the dance repetition of "Women" from Sasha Waltz.

One of her recent collaborations was with Tino Sehgal in the pieces "Yet untitled" and "This Variation” in Stedeljik museum, Amsterdam and Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.

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