*Conscious Vinyasa

Conscious Vinyasa is a flow based  Yoga practice in which the concepts of vinyasa krama, sequencing, energetics and aligment are applied, interweaving movement with breath for a sense of meditation in motion. Allowing the free flow of prana, dissolving any tension and physical blockages and  challenging our limits in a safe and accesible space that allows time for rest, introspection and connection to heart and spirit. We will explore pranayama, advanced expressions of asana, such as arm balances and inversions with modifications for all levels of participants.

This practice is aimed for all levels of participants, all abilities and all bodies.

Marisel Douzeni is a yoga teacher hailing from the Dominican Republic and currently based in Greece. Her offerings are a gentle, magical and functional exploration of somatic inhabitance, that honour and embrace the whole spectrum of yogic practices.

She has been practicing Yoga since 2008 and some years later travelled to India to study and learn the practice from the source. Since then she has been travelling the world to study and learn about all different aspects of Yoga and has deepened into Vinyasa Krama, Restorative Practices, Trauma Infromed Yoga, Anatomy and Philosophy.

Her aim is to use Yoga to guide practitioners into developing a conscious relationship with their body, so they can explore both their implicit and explicit patterns of being, doing and moving.

You only need to bring a mat and an open heart to this practice.