*Tantra Heart Meditation

Tantra Heart Meditation
When Love meets Meditation
For growing in love and awareness, Tantra offers amazing practices to bring a sacred quality into the meeting with a partner, and not only into the meeting with an other being, but also with yourself and with life in general. 
Tantra Heart Meditations open the doors for an increased aliveness, inner awareness, a free flow of energies through the energy centers of the body and between partners. Last but not least, they open the doors for meditation.

This meditation class is for couples, singles or meditators who would like to experience the sacred space of Tantra that opens up when love meets meditation.

Marc is a certified therapist of BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release®. He also facilitates active as well as tantra meditations, gives therapeutic bodywork massages and holds shamanic healing ceremonies. 

Marc creates and holds a sacred space in which you can feel safe to go deep within yourself, release whatever is needed to touch the light of your innermost essence, the Divine inside.

Marc lives and works mainly in Goa, India, and other parts of South Asia and Europe.  For more information:

Come with an open heart.