*In the Music

Rythms of India, Middle East and Africa with harmonies coming from classical western music creating a more alternative sound to the Indian Sitar. A journey of the soul expressed with the Sitar, an experience of union.

All human and no human beings are welcome. People who are willing to open their hearts, ears and be present.

I was born in Mexico, raised by a french mother and a mexican father. At the age of 14, I went to India to do my high school and there i met the Sitar, i was already a musician but the Indian Sitar became my main instrument. I have been part of many different projects and musics, from Flamenco to African to middle eastern to electronic to Jazz. And have travelled to many contries sharing and learning IN and from the music.
Now I'm more focused in THE music, taking out tags of styles and genders... just  MAKING MUSIC.