*Lichtatmung - Trance-Atmung & Healing-Session

For many years, Klaus and Vidya have been working with a variety of neo-shamanic methods. With the so-called Lichtatmung (which translates as light-breathing), they have developed a dynamic trance meditation, which facilitates personal and collective transformation and growth processes. By means of intense, full and focused breathing, the body’s energy field is expanded to such an extent, that an expanded transcendental state of consciousness may be reached in which suppressed situations and emotions rise to the surface, thus allowing for recognition and removal, including the programs based upon them. The own power and liberation from emotion can be experienced as real and be perceived as a deep connection with the universal oneness. Moreover, feelings of relief, libration, bliss, oneness and connection may arise.

Generally, Lichtatmung is suited for everybody. In the case of pregnancy, shortly after surgery, during acute psychological illness, acute or chronic cardiovascular disease or under the influence of psychopharmaca, we ask you to contact us prior to participation.

Klaus C. Ulbricht has gained a reputation over the last 25 years as a founder and manager in the creative industries. Meanwhile, his work focuses on the human side, assisting in uncovering the root causes of harmful behavioral patterns and transforming them. Klaus trains spirit healers, works with energetic healing and neo-shamanism and also has far reaching experience in coaching of decision makers and creatives. 

Vidya Raster was born in New Delhi, India, and began practising yoga and meditation as an infant. She is a respiratory therapist, meditation teacher and is educated in several shamanic traditions and alternative healing methods. Her focus lies on achieving connectedness, working with the higher self and the unison between the self and the all-that-is.

Blindfold (if available) and comfortable clothes, yoga mat