*Singing Freedom

Freeing our voice and developing the Art of Overtone singing, freeing our mindset and points of view, freeing ourselves from obligations we haven't consciously chosen.

Together we create the space in which creativity flows, a safe space of mutual trust, so we can begin a "Voice Quest" to discover ourselves through our sound, the natural way: to relax, to sigh, to yawn, to sing!

The expression of our emotions by singing together is a joyous and exciting inner journey. In our retreats we explore our sound without imposing a structure.
We offer a sensitive, flexible and interactive way of sharing that honors each person's state of being, listening to each person's wisdom and that of the group.

Open to all, the 'natural' approach we propose helps to remember how to relax, encouraging you to stay connected and allowing yourself to express your vocal and vital potential.
Each meeting is an exploration of various aspects of the voice in an experimental and, rare and precious, safe space to learn to express yourself ---fully!

Feeling Sound is about music, self healing, empowerment and soulful communication. Dutch singer-musician Igor Ezendam and his brilliant italian wife Arianna Artioli study the use of the voice as a therapeutic instrument and source of self discovery. Main focus is on singing freedom, Toning, overtone singing and improvisation, as well as clearing our emotions to arrive at freedom of expression. Their collection of drums, string instruments and didgeridoos is part of the offered process of musical discovery during this retreat.

Igor is a vocalist, voice-coach and deep process guide, inspired by Tuvan, Tibetan, Sufi, Native American, African and Aboriginal freestyle singers. His deep transformative work opens people into their true expression and „Self“-awareness with elements from voice work, aikido, systemic constellation work and more.

Arianna is a life student and a teacher of Hatha and Anukalana Yoga. She has been part of the „Learning Love Training“ with Krishnananda and Amana, deepening her work on the inner child and emotional wounds, as well as the Possibility Management techings on emotional healing. She loves the ancient wisdom of native cultures, sacred dances, flower remedies and empathic communication. She recently published her first book “13 Steps of Wellbeing”.

Bring some courage, comfortable clothes and water!