*Feeling sound

Feeling Sound - Singing Freedom
to feel, free and love our voice! 
Our workshops and retreats are vocal laboratories created for anyone wishing to free their voice and feel empowered. The expression of our emotions by singing together is a joyous and exciting inner journey in good company, a real "Voice Quest" to discover ourselves through our sound.
Together we explore the vocal instrument for pleasure and healing, with loving attention for our body, breath, heart and mind.
We practice becoming conscious of our breath, our sound, our words and their effect on our world. 
Listening, feeling, expressing and freeing our voice, we explore our sound without imposing a structure. We touch upon our emotional wounds, the inner child and ways to balance out the extremes in our lives. We honor each participant's state of being in a safe and sacred space, where anything is possible. 
An important element of our workshops is the singing technique of Vocal harmonics, also called overtone or diphonic singing. This traditional singing style found in Tuva, Mongolia, as well as in Tibet, creates a very high whistle-like melody above the normal voice. It is possible to learn how to use our voice to break up these harmonics into specific sound frequencies.
Included in the courses are demonstrations of various singing styles and techniques with many group and individual exercises, plus healthy detours into various other subject matters:  
  • Overtone singing: use of vowels to create vocal harmonics
  • Improvisation or how to trust what comes put naturally
  • Toning, One Note, One World: focus on one note at a time
  • Intuitive Sound Diagnosis: better listening through harmonics
  • Soundmassage: application of sound frequencies on the body
  • Ritual movements of re-alignment and centering
  • The Inner Shaman wounded healers, sharing the same wound
  • Free your body, free your voice: breath, movement and relaxation
  • The healing voice: expressing our emotions
  • The voice as a mirror: traveling companion, guide on the path
  • Mantra, Kirtan, Zikhr trance and the repetion of sacred sounds 
  • Song magic when singing comes from the heart
  • The inner child and it's inner parents
  • Animal or Enemy from jailed anger to freeing our power
  • Personal magnetism and natural authority
  • Balance and cooperation between male and female energies
  • Being and becoming a channel of loving awareness
  • Dearmouring, transforming old defenses created by trauma
  • Non-violent communication or how to say what you really mean
When you join our workshops, we wish for you to have an experience. We can define experience as being present, without definition, expectation or judgment, with one’s perceptions. Although a high ideal, the act of singing allows for a temporary silence in the mind, with as a result a natural state of meditation.
Looking forward to have you with us, keep singing!
Igor & Arianna
Feeling Sound
To feel 'sound', in the sense of feeling healthy on all levels of being, 
is to become conscious of how we vibrate in our body, mind and soul.