*Awakening Detox Flow & Music By MoJoh

In such turbulent and uncertain times - it is imperative we view yoga as self care . My aim as a teacher is to guide everyone who practices towards ultimate health of mind, body & soul.
In this master class we will explore yoga as therapy, activating our immune systems and detoxing anything that isn't serving us through my unique way of teaching, and to continue our journey to a long, happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Anyone who is wanting to explore this ancient tradition or anyone that is wanting to stay healthy, organic and strong in their body and mind.
Everyone is so so welcome.

Hayley is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher specialising in Yin, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa/Hatha Flow and Yoga Nidra, as well as an Advanced Certified Mat-Based Pilates Instructor, a trained ballet dancer, a certified reiki, chi nei tsang and body work practitioner.
Hayley has been the principal teacher at the world renowned Sanctuary, Thailand since 2016, she is the founder of Hayley lander Yoga & Healing and co-teacher at Swara Yoga Academy.

Hayley was raised in Liverpool, England by her amazing and supportive parents but she left home at the age of 18 looking for something else than the black and white script that was handed to her, so she left Liverpool and went to pursue her career as a professional dancer in London. It wasn't until a critical health scare and huge turning point in her life that she found the healing and life enhancing benefits of her Yoga practice.
She is now dedicated to learning more and teaching these ancient philosophies that have helped her in order to serve others.
Fully embracing her own spiritual journey while helping and guiding others onto their own unique path.
Hayley spent the last few years guest teaching Master Classes, hosting retreats, workshop and teacher trainings in New York, San Francisco, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal.
She is delighted to share here at Agape Zoe Festival in Corfu and to come back to Europe. Look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Please bring:  water, mat, sarong, or towel


Awakening Detox Flow with Hayley is accompanied by MoJoh’s music. MoJoh and Hayley first met on a remote island in the indian ocean where they started collaborating. MoJoh’s uses specific tunings and instruments to allign you with those heart-frequencies. During class both Hayley as well as MoJoh channel words and messages connecting with their higher selfs which makes each class a unique one and no class like the other.

MoJoh is the former leadsinger of the internationally famous internet collective The MainStream as well as ex-member of the Los Angeles-based conscious hiphop-band Quest One. After having toured the globe for over a decade with over one thousand shows on four different continents, he finally decided to take part in a yoga-teacher-training in early 2017, something that had a on his mind ever since he started getting in touch with yoga almost 14 years ago. It became a life-changing experience and as of now he is both teaching yoga in his hometown and on retreats as well as continuing his path as a musician. The beauty of it is: both paths are highly compatible and beneficial to each other. Right now MoJoh is here in Corfu to record a full length Mantra album with Mantras he has written in service of what he believes to be a divine plan to establish a frequency of love and compassion on this earth.