*Who am I - Express your inner potential fully

In this workshop we are working on our energetic level to liberate ourself to live all our potentials more powerful and concentrated. With our responsibility for ourself we develop the highest version of ourself. Every single man is here to contribute uniqueness for the transformation & evolution of humanity. And as we know it is a life time job:
 Let´s go on this journey together and the most important thing: Let´s have fun, while blossom consequently into our truth and expressing our gifts fully with more power, more energy and joy.

For the matter and purpose we came here: Beeing LOVE - in all this wonderful aspects and colours -  

Gosia has the ability to read the energetic fields. In her soul-reading sessions she guides people into their subconcious inner world and gives people response about their present situation. Once clear, she gives impulses to change old, obstructive programs ( from childhood, ancestors or past life) and patterns on a very deep level. During the medial & sensitive guidance people also gain deep insights about their soul-potentials as well as individual healing impulses will be given to self-help for the everyday life. 

Since 2008, she has been accompanying people in challenging life situations, to bring more clarity into their life and supports them in their own mastership and awareness during single & group readings.

I am working via telephone/Skype or personally here in Arrilas / Gayatri Mandir 😉
Soulreadings can also be given in German.



About Mitsch: 
The soundmystic Mitsch Kohn creates his music intuitively in the moment he is 
playing. His very unique piano-based soundhealing-journeys guide into states 
of deep connection and can be realized as a journey into a higher 
consciousness. New perspectives might occur and the pacified heart will bath 
in silence.  There, in a state of no mind, people face their inner truth and find back to the essence of their soul and experience a deep feeling of being home.