Felippo Tocchio & Anna Ayar

*Cacao ceremony and singing circle

The medicine of Cacao and the medicine of music, instruments and voices. A warm Space of  connection in gratitude from our open heart  to the island, to pachamama, to the forests, to the sea, to the simplicity of being.  A guided meditation and simple musical melodies to sing all together, to show gratitude to Nature for our beautiful Life.

To everyone who wants or needs to feel or deepen the connection with his/her own heart, in gratitude and softness. To everyone who wants to listen and sing along medicine musics taken from different cultures and traditions. A journey especially through the 4th and 5th Chakras.

Filippo Tocchio and Anna Schenerstedt are active since some years in the field of plant medicine work and exploration of sound and music as healing tool for the body mind and soul. Having traveled a lot especially to the area of South America, they have developed an approach which is strongly influenced from the shamanic work of the area of the Amazônic forest and of the Andean mountains, but they also have influences from other areas and traditions, especially from India and from mantra singing

Please bring a bottle of water is suggested as well as something cozy to sit on and eventually lay down during the event.
Musical instruments, especially rattles and drums or alike, are welcome to accompany the leading ones.
Flowers and fruits for the Altar to the Cacao are also very warmly welcome.