*Living Ritual Folk Experience

My  intention is to facilitate an experiential discovery of the ancient healing movement, through the creative exploration of extant folk arts.
We will seek to relate these ancient experiences to our modern selves and to keep them alive in a way that has meaning for us today by experiencing them in a ritual context.

Born in Greece and after my studies in contemporary and classical dance and in History-archaeology, I moved to Berlin and worked as dancer, choreographer and teacher. There I also founded the contemporary dance collective "Somanauts" with non-professional dancers  and we choregraphed and  performed together in all different kind of Venues (Musik Festivals ,Galleries ,Museum ,Club,Forest ).
Since one year I live in Corfu where I initiate a dance circle with the people of the local community.
I believe  that  the practice of dance is not there to validate the state of society and its divisions, but to transform it with novel arrangements.



I will be participating in the workshop Living Ritual Folk Dances held by Evi Terzi as a live musician.  In the beginning of each new dance I will be presenting the different musical idioms of these areas through vocal improvisations combined with greek songs.

I am Maroulita de Kol, a greek pianist, singer and composer. I have spent half of my life learning music from the west and the other half  the music from the east. When these two winds meet, it's my paradise on earth. Since moving to Berlin in 2012 I have been studying, researching and revising the storytelling and musical material of Greek traditional music.  I am a founding member of three Berlin based bands, Reverse Mode, Arcangel Trio and Farmagia. I have also composed music for theatre pieces, performances, films and documentaries, and I am currently releasing my first solo album. I believe in people and in the power of art.