*Love Said to Me -- Rumi Concert

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth" (Rumi)

"Love Said to Me" is the co-creation of spoken word artist Ellaya Ayal Mor and kirtan singer Elise Yuill Cohen. This unique concert weaves the powerful, poignant words of Rumi and Hafiz, into songs and silence, mantras and music, moving through the different colors of love radiating from the poems. A space of deep beauty opens, as listeners submerge themselves into the healing, heart-opening essence that emanates from the words of these two great masters of Love.

Through laughter and lightness to tender sweetness, poignant longing and ecstatic joy, Ellaya, Elise and accompanying musician Charlie Bishop, will envelop us in a magical web of devotional music and Sufi poetry that will awaken our hearts to the love and beauty we already are.

We are calling you:
lovers of poetry and prose, lovers of song and silence, lovers of words and wisdom, lovers of mantra and music, lovers of inspiration and beauty, lovers of Love.

Come sing with us, come raise your voice of longing, come dive into words that carry the echo  of eternity, come sit in silence, come dance your devotion, come as you are.

Ellaya is an Israeli storyteller, spoken word artist, psychotherapist and workshop leader. She performs and leads workshops throughout Israel and abroad. She is the co-creator of "Come Whoever You Are" and additional productions that celebrate spiritual poetry including her own.  Her poetry presentations are imbued with a delightful freshness and personal touch. She lives and breathes Rumi and Hafiz poetry, is maker of the Religion of Love Rumi Cards and has translated many of Rumi's poems from English to Hebrew.  She is also a dharma (Buddhist teachings) facilitator and certified mindfulness teacher, forever drawing her inspiration from the wells of silence from which all words arise.




Elise Yuill Cohen is a sacred music artist and kirtan singer, whose passion for music is inspired by global traditions of world, folk and dance music. She is the co-creator of newly formed sacred music duo KAMALA with producer, drummer and composer Charlie Bishop. Their heartfelt contemporary devotional music carries you gently into the deep peace within, where the vibrations of divine love, unity and bliss allow everything else to drop away. Based in South Devon (UK), Elise regularly tours across the UK and internationally leading kirtan concerts, workshops, retreats and women's circles.