*Jivamukti Yoga & Organic House DJ Set

Jivamukti Yoga is a vigorous practice that brings you deeply in tune with your authentic self. Through physical postures, music and an experience that touches all layers of your being. The class is for everyone who is curious about yoga and wants to feel energized and wide awake. There will be a carefully curated soundtrack to fit the energy of the practice and bring you into a state of flow. If you have any injuries or conditions i will offer you alternatives to make your practice work for you.

Dana is a 800+h Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher based in Berlin and teaching internationally.
Finding the teaching in anything. Authentic and real. Informed by her practice and devoted to the experience. Dana started practicing Yoga in 2006 after a long time of intense sports. She immediately noticed there was more to Yoga than just physical benefits. Diving deep into the liberating effects of practice is what brings her back to the mat every day. There are highs and there are lows – none of them should be missed or avoided. Music – one of her biggest passions – is an important tool of the method along with the goal to uplift yourself by uplifiting others.

please bring your Yogamat & comfy clothes to move in

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Gerdus  - Bummela is a South African-born and Berlin-based electronic musician. He has traversed many musical genres throughout his career, playing in various band projects, one of which ultimately saw him come to Berlin. At first the only way he could survive was making music on the streets, and it is here where his love for improvisational loop-based music developed. He is an improvisational musician, seeing music as a language, loving conversation with others, valuing interesting statements much more than polished arguments.

“Bollemakiesie” is the Afrikaans word for a summersault or a roly-poly, a playful physical thing that is in its very nature a loop. A Bollemakiesie/summersault is an infinite cycle folding back on itself, and so too Bummela is a loop-based musician in awe of the trance-like states induced through repetition. Whilst cutting his electronic music production teeth working as a composer and sound designer for film, these are the early days of a new project still finding itself. Bummela’s music is sonically explorative, psychedelic, warm, and wild. With a deep love of sampling sounds of all fidelities, he is on the path of discovering electronic music’s power to recontextualise moments passed through mixing analog synthesis, sampling, and live performance.