*Fierce Love & Gentle Force

Just as the experience of love and connectedness is everchanging, unstable and challenging - there is an element of softness to it. An opening and releasing into what feels like home. There is also a sense for direction which we will explore during practice. Working with our body, releasing energy and letting go of tension. Whatever is holding you back, has to come up first in order to dissolve. In this Jivamukti Yoga Class you connect to that heart-felt center of yours. Powerful and romancing for the spirit. The class offers a vinyasa based practice, suitable for all levels of experience. We will chant, move, meditate and feel together.

The class is for everyone who is curious about yoga and wants to feel energized and wide awake. If you have any injuries or conditions i will offer you alternatives to make your practice work for you.

Finding the teaching in anything. Authentic and real. Informed by her practice and devoted to the experience. Dana started practicing Yoga in 2006 after a long time of intense sports. She immediately noticed there was more to Yoga than just physical benefits. Diving deep into the liberating effects of practice is what brings her back to the mat every day. There are highs and there are lows – none of them should be missed or avoided. Yoga was a special encounter for Dana. In the beginning she was drawn by the vigorous practice, but soon realized it was something else she experienced: a feeling of connectedness to others through practice and especially through sound. Music – one of her biggest passions – is an important tool of the method along with the goal to uplift your self by uplifiting others. 

She is a student in the first place and has apprenticed in NY with her mentor Rima Rabbath for her 800h certification at Jivamukti Yoga. She teaches regular Classes at Peace Yoga Berlin and practices with her teachers every day. On daysofyoga.de she is blogging with Ulrike Schäfer about Yoga on & off the mat.

Bring Yogamat, Yoga Clothes.