*Opening the heart - Listening to the sound of your soul

The Heart Chakra is ruled by the element of Air.
 It is where the energy becomes subtle, the balancing point between Heaven and Earth. Opening the Heart, increases compassion and helps you to drop emotional defensiveness, eliminating unnecessary thoughts and feelings, allowing us to be truly present and relate with warmth and courage, with strength and kindness.
There is a special connection between the neutral mind and the inner guidance, when the thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul. When we chant a mantra its sounds modulate the breath so our mind has sufficient prana (life force) to carry our own divine frequency.
 The kundalini yoga class will include pranayama exercises, a kriya, relaxation and meditation / chanting. Duration : 90 minutes 
Feeling honored to welcome everyone who feels like opening the Heart and through a Neutral Mind Listen deeply to the Sound of your own Divinity. When our thoughts & feelings resonate with the soul, conflicts are quited and we can sense the guidance of our Intuition that is always present. Through deepening the Breath with Pranayama and opening the Heart Center with  Kriyas we are  strengthening our ability to Trust the guidance of our Soul! 
I was born in Athens & after studying Sociology & Sociology of Health, my passion for Healing lead me to Zen Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine. In the  healing treatments that I offer over 15 years now, I have included Reiki, Theta Healing & Aromatherapy. Healing through Sound and Yoga has lead me to the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Finding great Joy & Inspiration to offer these Teachings so to heal & serve with light & Grace. 
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