*Eros & Psyche

Socrates, as given in Plato's "Symposium", considers Eros to be man's ideal mean to immortality. Under this perspective, of Eros' indisputable influence upon Psyche's Metamorphosis, we choοse to explore the myth of "Eros and Psyche”.
Eros and Psyche consist a mythological couple, that has been long tormented until it could finally enjoy its Love bond, according to Apuilius, the Roman writer of the 2nd century a.C..
What is Eros, nevertheless?
What is Psyche?
How did the Myth manage to combine these two?
How can we revive the Myth and what kind of memories may be awaken in such a process?
And what about our body?
Why does it move like a wave, running in the seek of Eros, and how does it connect to the Soul /Psyche in a still,yet active, prayer?
What kind of adventure lays ahead, if we would attempt to find our answers to such questions?
We will search the answers having as guide the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche representing the inner Sacred Union.
We will listen to our internal needs and will march together in a creative process and liberation through dance and theatrical improvisation.

Join us to express, to create, to open the heart, to open your Psyche to Eros.

My name is Christina Kottori and I come from Greece. My passion is to convey the esoteric meanings of the ancient wisdom encapsulated in the Greek Myths towards the awakening of humanity.

Dance is my sacred vehicle to express my deeper truth.

I am a temple dancer, a ritual theater performer and a story teller.

I organize workshops about Greek Mythology and embodying archetypes.