*Nurture Creation: Qigong and Herbalism

Practicing Qigong and learning how to enhance the practice when using botanical remedies like essential oils, ointments, teas, steams etc. from flowers, barks, resins. Qigong and herbalism, with their deep ancestral roots, meet modern modalities to assist humanity and give the opportunity to reflect and reconnect our relationship with creation. Inner silence and deep breathing implies to strong immune system and wellbeing. Where the mind goes, qi flows and the blood follows. A bit of theory and practice!

All who would like to experience the quality of silence and stillness empowered with botanical allies and to feel the interconnectedness.
All who would like to discover practical ways to treat stress and anxiety, boost their immune system, and cultivate inner peace.
All who would like to fall in love with the Self and falling in love with Nature itself.
Because Love is providing solutions.
Because Nature heals.

I am exploring more and more, that when staying still deep inside my central channel, the external circumstances of disharmony are being used in an intelligent way from my system so to evolve me in feeling freedom. It's an amazing breakthrough and so easily profound when I let it be! I am becoming a more joyful and present being and I love it! I live in Corfu with my beloved family and practicing holistic healing while performing arts of living as a herbalist and creating the organic herbal remedies "Back to the Roots", bodyworker (Tibetan massage combined with cupping cup massage), energy healer (one to one or distant), beekeeper and wild herb collector: Athanasia is my name.