*Natural Movement

The beauty and strength of our unique movement - Deep-Inner Journeys with Anva Goldberg accompanied by Netanel Goldberg with live music.

This journey is an intimate meeting with our own movement, with our expressive, wise body.

It is a deep study about us. And the moving body is the guide.
All we have to do is surrender and dance from a space of new listening.

Each session has a theme that we experience through the body. The theme relates to the materials of life… Those that touch each and every one of us from the point of our life experience and through the voice of our hearts.

We will move in a group which itself is a womb for the personal journey.
We will move sometimes alone, sometimes together. A moment embracing, another moment being embraced. And at times having a glimpse into the feeling of oneness. Insights arise, emotions can float And we move in connection and authenticity with what is dancing in us.

You are invited to delve into your inner springs with all vulnerability, power and excitement… Springs which awaken your heart and connect you to your inner essence, to the nature in you.

“Come as you are.” Rumi

This journey is suitable for all genders ages 23 - 60+

I come from the world of healing, dance & art. I am founder of "Natural Movement" and live in Israel with my partner and beloved Netanel.

Natural movement was born from desire that came to me from a lot of physical pain that I suffered in the first 3 years of my life. It has made me afraid of my own body. Then the desire to heal has led me to dance my entire life.
I met spiritual dance teachers . I went into deep studies where we danced every step of life for a few more years.
I continued to explore with a group of women, movement as reflection of life.
I look at nature and around me and inside me, from curiosity to meet myself and meet people through body.

What to bring:
1. Comfortable clothing to dance
2. Bottle of water
3. Writing Notebook \ paper + Writing pen