*Wild Man Movement

The WILD MAN MOVEMENT sets men in motion and accompanies them on their way to their true nature. We offer the man a protected, free space to experience something about himself and his true nature, to come to his true qualities without having to live up to other people's expectations.

On July 3rd at the Agape Zoe on Corfu, the WILD MAN MOVEMENT offers a TRANCE MOVEMENT in which we meet as brothers. We embark on a sound guided journey with bodies, emotions and consciousness. We dance strength / courage / anger and reach on the other hand self-love / lightness / trust.

"Being wild" can be anything - from animalistic to playful. Everything that nature has made available to you as a man and given for this life, you can use to experience and express yourself. Furthermore, you can free yourself from everything that you have accumulated on your previous life path out of necessity and in routines, which is no longer helpful for you today and perhaps blocks you. To be able to do this in a circle with other men means to learn from each other and above all from each other - an important community experience for the wild man next to all the competition and opposition.

Therefore it is not only an option for the man to get to his nature, but a deep necessity to come into balance and harmony with himself as well as with the feminine. In the workshop we meet as spiritual brothers and embark on a journey with bodies, emotions and consciousness. We dance anger and reach on the other hand self-love we let passion pass and experience depth. The WILD MAN MOVEMENT lets you come to your true qualities without having to be somehow.

The framework of this TRANCE MOVEMENT is held by Adam Rice, who brings in his experience in Energeticwork, Bodywork, Power Yoga, Shamanic Healing, Music & Dance and ensures that the TRANCE MOVEMENT is an intensive experience for you.