*PurePrana Vinyasa Flow

Reconnect with your inner power and strength through Adam Rice's "PurePrana" Vinyasa Flow class. Set to a powerful soundtrack of tribal and Indian electronic beats, Adam's classes are known for being challenging, yet fun. Find the warrior inside of you with the Warrior Series, overcome fear through arm balances, and come back to your center in standing poses. With lots of hands-on adjustments, Adam will help you achieve your full potential in a loving and safe way.

All those wanting to challenge themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. This class is geared towards experienced yogis, or beginners with a good level of fitness and body awareness. This practice will help those who need a bit of a "kick in the ass" to get the energy moving in their lives, or those who want to go deeper into flow.

Originally from Florida, USA, Adam Rice has been teaching Vinyasa flow yoga since 1999. A former Junior Olympic athlete, entrepreneur and adventurer, Adam discovered the power that yoga has to restore his balance and reconnect him with his inner strength. In addition to his teaching, Adam has dedicated his life to helping others. He is the founder of Yoga Kids Uganda, a program to integrate yoga into trauma therapy programs for the child soldiers of the Ugandan civil war, and Travel with a Purpose, which takes yoga students to places like India to volunteer in orphanages. He is a Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, a Senior Teacher at Spirit Yoga Berlin, and offers workshops and retreats around the world.

Yoga mat (if they have), otherwise they will be provided. Comfortable clothes, a small towel and water bottle.