*AbunDance & Sound Journey

(c) Maximiliane Wittek

AbunDance is a cyclical approach to grounded ecstasy & expanded awareness through Dance: honoring all of the textures, colors and expressions of our bodies and beings.

After Midnight we will come together in movement and music co-created and powered by the present moment, you and yours truly DJ Alma ∞ Omega & Anir Leben, both passionate for dancing & welcoming the ENTIRE Spectrum of LIFE...
We will dance again to bring some focus to the gentle and soft unwinding of the evening and colour the dance and music by whatever is in the air then.
After a luscious DJ Set from Alma ∞ Omega we will enter a state of letting gravity and deep embodied listening inspire us to rest and digest this transition into 2020 by  journeying within to live music & sounds by Anir Leben.
This Sound Journey invites you to drop your weight and enter a state of non-doing and harvesting this beautiful Gathering Day or just to the enjoying an inner journey that the sounds & songs will evoke in you.

// ANIR LEBEN loves movement in the voice and in the body and hosts different spaces as a singer, dancer and mistress of ceremony.  In her work she mainly highlights the exploring mind, self-responsibility, freedom and aliveness.
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// ALMA ∞ OMEGA weaves golden strands of consciousness-meets-playfulness, creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing...She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness...

Bring your gorgeous, wild, receptive selves.

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