*Arameic healing-chants & personal blessings

It is all about remembering your own divine-self. Mindful and gentle, we want to connect with the deepest level of ourselves: the soul. On our journey, I am merely encouraging the process by speaking and singing ancient Aramaic chants and giving personal prayers, sometimes over 2.000 years old. In this space we can strengthen ourselves from the inside, unlock old blockades as well as harmonising body, mind & soul. Feel the light, love and divine within you in a safe environment, to become more independent and whole again.

This 60 Min. session is open for all, who feel the urge to connect with me in this way and feel the divine and loving drawing power of the oneness.

Albeit living a successful life, with my family, working for an Investment Bank in the Frankfurt/Main area, I still lacked the “fulfilling” aspect of it.
Even as I started to receive divine messages, I didn‘t pay them any mind in the beginning. Until I received a disturbing call from Jerusalem. Following this call changed my life and finally his messages in my dreams, made sense: “sing about me!”.

The Aramaic songs of my ancestors have been with me since my childhood, but since my time in Jerusalem, they have also been the core of my life. I quit my job, and started to sing ancient Aramaic songs, for a growing audience, in concerts, meditation and therapeutic sessions alike.
My therapeutic work combines a deep devotion to the divine, with the powerful sound of the Aramaic language, transporting a modern way of spirituality.

Please bring also comfortable clothes and a yoga mat.



Ich freue mich über unterschiedliche Begegnungen und Menschen. Hast du das Bedürfnis nach einem persönlich für dich gesungenen Lied in aramäischer Sprache? Oder das Gefühl, dass dir eine ganz persönliche Segnung gut tun würde? Ich biete auch Heil-Gebetssitzungen und persönliche Beratungsgespräche(einzeln oder als Paar)  sowie verschiedene geführte Rituale an. Gerne kannst du mir an schreiben, um einen Termin für die Zeit zu vereinbaren.


Maria Kaplan ist Aramäerin und singt in der mehr als 2000 Jahre alten Sprache Jesu. Der Klang dieser archaischen Sprache, die Wärme ihrer dunklen, weichen und zugleich kraftvollen Stimme und ihre gefühlvolle Hingabe an die Inspiration des Augenblicks  finden ihren Weg direkt ins Herz der Zuhörenden. Sie verbindet in ihrem aramäischen Gesang alte Traditionen mit ihrer eigenen modernen Spiritualität.