*Somatic Bodywork Coach (private session)

From the moment we are born, our family dynamics, culture, race, gender, peers, landscape and institutions influence us to create a body that moves in certain ways through the world.

My Somatic Bodywork is a personal development through the body. It invites your body to open and release historical patterns, contractions, tension and stress. In this process of opening and releasing, you create space for more energy and aliveness to run. More aliveness opens the possibility for more choice—more choices about how you show up and how you respond to what life brings you. With more choice you have an opportunity to transform your life and to show up in ways that serve you better.

This is an incredibly valuable approach for people who wants to progress as individual, find peace and develop their capacity to feel. This is done through touch, movement and spoken communication. Working through your body and tapping into its resources and strength can help you with any struggle, challenge, or project you may have. We integrate the body as an essential place of change, learning and transformation. This effective hands-on approach is useful in everyday life situations and teaches you to empower yourself! Once you begin feeling and listening into your body, it will unveil unending secrets as to who you can be.

After studying the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach between 2015 and 2017, I developed my unique style of bodywork, merging my expertise in both fields. I’m a Somatic Bodywork coach, born and raised in the French part of Switzerland with Italian roots and living in Berlin since 2011. This profession allows me to follow my passion to support people‘s well being, to encourage them to live up to their full potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.

Participants should avoid full stomach upon arrival and wear comfortable clothes.

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