*Contact Improvisation: Listening through touch

How can I listen through touch? Using Contact Improvisation as a tool to explore what it means to share weight with each other by listening to your own and another the body, we will be visiting the different qualities of touch, rolling and sliding points of contact. It all will lead into a Contact Improvisation jam with an amazing live sound journey by Alice Rose.
Let`s move.

Every body that likes to move is invited, no experience in contact improvisation needed.

I am dancing all my life. 5 years ago Contact Improvisation became more and more important for me. I started to work in the Goa Contact Festival and 2 year ago I started to organize the Thailand Contact & Ecstatic Arts Festival.
I am giving classes and jam intros in Berlin, Koh Phangan and all around the world.

Bring yourself, a smile and the willingness to connect in dance.



When Alice Rose, Danish singer-songwriter and musical explorer, first travelled to India in 2015, she stumbled into a contact jam. Alice immediately felt at home in the dance, improvisation and movement and felt like she was „speaking“ a long forgotten language with movement and music in the moment. Alice likes to mix up genres like folk, trip-hop, jazz, pop and avant-garde and with her angelic voice, viola styles, autoharp and live looping, she creates dreamy, beautiful landscapes of sound.

As a natural improviser in all aspects of her life, she started playing music for festivals and contact improvisation all over Asia and Europe.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to in this amazing festival, so except the unexpected and enjoy the mo(ve)ment!

Check out Alice’s music here: