*Ecstatic Wave - Sound & Movement

Feel your body move! In this free form movement experience we will journey from peaceful, meditative movement into a tribal trance dance celebration.

We begin with breath work and meditation to center ourselves, moving into flow with peaceful melodies. We then build energy through movement, finding strength from within, and open up to release.

Temple is a composer, producer, sound designer, yoga teacher and DJ based in Berlin. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations, mantra singing circles, and dance journeys - portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music.

Understanding the connection of healing frequencies, resonance, intention, the power of the voice and science has always fascinated him, leading Temple to deepen his study of sound theory and healing.

Known for his composition work and collaborations with various Berlin based artists such as Sam Shure , Narou and Oliver Koletzki , Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, meditation, pranayama breath work and ancient mantras; bringing the underground Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony.