▸ Our friend, musician, DJ and never-tiring tinkerer Sven Meyer will present the latest
findings he gained at his Hamburg-based laboratory.
In his role as the Mad Professor he invites the audience to take part in an experiment. The set-up is rather simple: A camera takes pictures of a bottle lid that is filled with a sprinkle of water.

Most accurately and with the fattest sounds Dr. Meyer will make the water drops go mad. Symbols and basic patterns to be found in this world will be shown along with
organic patterns, cells dividing, mandalas, ice crystals, spores, tortoise shells. Thus sound takes on a new shape in the process.

▸ For years, Meyer has been on the prowl to discover in what way good vibrations, non-prescription music affects the human organism. For the KYMAT project, he has found a new sense of what sound therapy is about. His aim: to get the human brain and the whole body into their natural, self-created swing. In this way, music was created that is soothing, endless, open to interpretation, vibrating, a massive chill Out.

▸ The principle of images that are created by sound dates back to the 18. century. In those times, sand gathered on a metal plate that was brought to life by means of a violin, creating beautiful patterns in the process. In the 1960s, Hans Jenny took up the idea, animating water by using different frequencies. He created organically looking imaginations. Jenny coined the term „Cymatics“ for this phenomenon.

▸ On his début album „GOOD VIBRATIONS“ Meyer achieves in making water and sound visible and sensual by using Cymatics. The water sound images follow harmonious natural laws, varying between chaos and structure. The metamorphoses invite the recipient to create his own associations and interpretations. You think that what you see is somehow familiar. The whole process
is an aesthetic trip that is a far cry from computer-generated pieces. A trip to the over-whelming basics of resonance, relaxation on a high level. It is a frequency lolly pop for adults.