*Feeling the Planets move - A cosmic Sound Meditation

Dive into a deep hypnotic state, intuitively guided by beautiful live improvised soundscapes and - of course - your own breath.
Planetary tuned sound ambiences and Nada-Yoga merge, gently guiding you through the vast inner space of your own mind.

Get rid of tension and discomfort through active breathing exercises while settling into inspiringly unique soundscapes. Witness the vibration of our Planets at the exact point in time of the current now and experience every cell of your body and mind resonate with the harmony of the spheres.

First Steffen will give a brief introduction on how to translate any frequency into the audible spectrum while staying true to physics and fundamental math. By doing so the left brain hemisphere’s logic is synchronized with our right hemisphere’s intuition. Be part of the transformation of scientific concepts into physical, emotional and spiritual realities through the medium of music to then be sound bathed for 30-45min. Depending on your inner flow you can choose to lay down, sit or move your body. The session will close after sharing our unique experiences with each other and answering questions.

This workshop suits anyone who is interested in the harmony of rationality and spirituality and loves being bathed in beautiful soundscapes

Planetary Cymatic Resonance (PCR) is an audio project focused on immersive realtime performance.

At the heart of the collaboration, Timo Preece and Steffen Günther promote mindfulness and inner awareness through improvised sound journeys. Devoted to well-being and the resonant recalibration of people to their sonar origin they create a symbiosis between the sound of acoustic and synthesized instruments.
Exploring both internal and external space alike, PCR is a cross pollination of musical expression, scientific calculation, modern technology and ancient wisdom.
By transferring vibrating information into hearing range, PCR is able to sonify and perceptualize frequencies of the movement of planets in ways participants are able to consciously and subconsciously resonate. For sonifying planetary alignments, all tempi, delay times, reverb sizes, pitches and other time based parameters used in their set are specifically adjusted to the movement speed of the planets that they are performing.

This will be a shavasana sound meditation.
Depending on the room situation bring your own blanket, yoga mat and pillow.
It is nice to be as comfortable as possible.