*Mantras & Music

This Mantra session uses the power of supportive words to redesign the architecture of your mind, let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, and become aligned with your heart. When your inner critic is overreacting and you have lost touch with who you truly are, this chanting session will guide you back to yourself.  With each mantra as your anchor, you’ll plant new seeds in the garden of your mind, take agency of your internal world, and feel the immediate enlivening effects.

This session is for anybody who likes to experience the depth of their heart chakra. The heart space doesn't know time, it only knows to be in the moment and we will practice to swim in the present moment using mantras as our anchor. You don't need previous experience in Singing/Chanting.

I am Srikanth (Sri). Originally from India, currently living in Berlin. I am a Yoga teacher, Singer, Motivational Speaker and Energy Healer. I enjoy singing and getting people to sing along with me. Along with Todd, Sonny and Jan, we create western music with Indian Mantras. I enjoy guiding people into the spaces between thoughts with the help of mantras and music. My life´s purpose has been to propel myself and people i come in touch with into inner work.

You can bring your own instruments if you feel like adding your sounds to our tunes.