*Yin Yoga & Poetry

Do you hear your heart calling your name softly? Asking you to remember? How powerful and beautiful you truly are with every single cell of your sacred temple body? I invite you to follow that call and join me on a soft & juicy Yin Yoga exploration journey of creative inspiration, love and poetry - leading you closer to that precious heart of yours.  

Specifically designed as a closing workshop at the Agape Zoe Festival, this class offers you a space to drop-in to your Self deeply, to digest and reflect on the experiences of the weekend. The gentle depth of Yin Yoga is an excellent chance to gain clarity on how you wish to integrate your experiences and move forward from a new, slightly more self-determined, heart-connected space in your life. 

Your yin asana practice will be accompanied by a fine selection of musical beats that will support you to feel, soften and let go deeply. In between, I will be reading sacred poetry and short stories for you to absorb and ponder. Moreover, you also have the option to create your own intuitive poems and share some of your festival insights with others towards the end of our time together. 


Sophie is a yogini, performance artist, modern mystic, romantic, tantrik and bibliophile. She felt mysteriously drawn towards “yoga” as a child and this pull only intensified as she grew older, evolving into a central guiding force in her life. By now she has 1000+ hours of training as a yoga teacher. 

She is in an ever-evolving, deeply committed, all-encompassing, wildly passionate relationship with the Beloved, with life and the universe. The more she dared to surrender to the yearning of her heart, guided by the steady voice of her higher self, the more the path crystallized and her love for creation deepened eternally. 

Insta: @sophie_karbjinski