*Warrior Woman Dance

Take the risk of not being nice!
Take the risk of showing yourself.
Be prepared for others to dislike you.
To think you're selfish, cold, mean,
or even worse: "Unspiritual".

Say what you mean!
Say yes when you mean yes.
Say no when you mean no.

Take the risk
of looking after yourself! ~JF

This workshop is dedicated to the archetype of the Warrior Woman, to the female creator and destroyer, to the Wild Woman within us.

Through practices inspired by ancestral dance traditions, like flamenco and tribal belly dance, voice release techniques and free ecstatic dance we will tap into our immense power and creative potential. We will connect to our body, remember our sacredness and our ability to set clear boundaries, protect our field, and "cut" anything that no longer serves us.

Surya Sophia is a passionate dancer, yoga instructor, holistic therapist and mystical traveler. Her deepest calling is to help people liberate themselves from whatever keeps them small and realign with the wisdom of their Soul. She has immersed herself into Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, healing modalities and dance traditions of feminine empowerment. She has developed her own systems of ShaktiFlow and Sacred Primitive dance, combining the potential of different primordial dances with embodiment practices, Goddess Archetypes and Ritual work. She is offering private sessions of Intuitive Reflexology, Your True Colors and ShaktiFlow.


Fb: Sophia Chalkidou (Surya)