*Yin Yoga, Live Music & Poetry

The sun gives life, light and strength, these are powerful values in Yoga. Dynamic, energetic and in timeless gliding - that is how we are guided by the asanas initially.

Then we go from the sun to the moon, from the yang to the yin, staying in the asanas longer than usual, sending our breath and attention deep into the body.

Live soundscapes and spoken poetry hold the energy of the asanas, guiding you deeper. We dive into the silence and tranquility of Yin magic.
Alisa and Temple inaugurated Soneiro Collective. A berlin based international project that holds Soundhealing Journeys, Retreats and different Circles including ancient wisdom, sound, meditation and yoga.

Soneiro Collective is an international collective creating unique experiences in Art & Consciousness, Movement & Mindfulness, Sound & Yoga, Science & Ceremony. Cultivating Retreats, In depth Experiences, and transformational Events.

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